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Avodah Kingdom University is a religious institution dedicated to helping students grow spiritually and develop the skills and knowledge needed to reach their full potential. Our mission is to provide a supportive learning environment where students can engage in a transformative journey of lifestyle and spiritual development, ultimately finding their purpose in life.

We believe that every student has the capacity to lead a meaningful and fulfilling life, and our goal is to provide the tools and resources that will help them get there. Our programs are designed to help students explore their faith and spirituality, develop their professional and academic skills, and reach their highest potential.

Leadership Presentation


Avodah Kingdom University is a unique institution dedicated to equipping leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge for addressing mental health issues. Our module on basic biblical counseling helps those in charge to gain an understanding of mental health issues, identify and approach them, and equip them with the skills they need.
"Where no counsel is, the people fall. but in the multitude of counselors there is safety
Proverbs 11:14


Spiritual Identit
Spiritual Authority
Moral and Ethics
Discover Personality Type
Basic Counseling Skills 1 
Causes of Stress
Counseling skills 2

At the end of the module, all participants will receive a certificate 


At AKU, our goal is to help students mature in their faith and be challenged to reach their full potential in Christ. Our Discipleship program encourages students to be mentored and discipled by our AKU Fellowship. We provide resources to equip students to grow spiritually and develop leadership skills. We invite all students to join us on this journey of faith and use their gifts to serve the Lord and their community. We are committed to helping students live out the gospel and glorify God in their lives.

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